What is an Executive Outlier

Welcome to Executive Outliers. The exceptions to the rule…

What is it that makes one person stand out?

Every year thousands of business schools around the world will graduate hundreds of thousands of business graduates.  These will be men and women who will go on to become managers, executives, and leaders of businesses around the world.  Most of them will be good, and some will be bad.  Some will be exceptional, and some will be world class.  Few, if any though, will be legendary.

When we think of legendary executives we might think of

  • JP Morgan
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Henry Ford

A more recent list of examples could include:

  • Howard Hughes
  • William Boeing
  • Jack Welch
  • Or Bill Gates

I’m sure you could add to this list.   But out of all the executives at General Electric, how did Jack Welch rise to the top?  What made him so good compared to other executives at GE?  We call these types of business executives, Executive Outliers.  Because they were so far outside the normal executive bell curve that it would be almost unfair to compare them with everyone else.

Yet how did these executives get there?  What do they do that others fail to do?

In our studies, we compared the good, the bad, the excellent and the world-class executives inside the executive bell-curve.  Then compared them with those executives clearly outside the statistical average.   We came up with eight masteries.

Those that learned and excelled at all these masteries were the Executive Outliers.

If you would like to be a world class, or maybe you would like to follow in the footsteps of the legends of business?  Then we have a plan for you.